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At Peak I.T., we know that computers and their networks always crash at the worst time. It's important to be prepared for whenever disaster strikes, and part of that preparation is having a plan. Peak I.T. offers several different ways to purchase our services and plan ahead:


You can now purchase blocks of time for one of our technicians to come out and take care of the problem at a reduced rate since you're buying in bulk. FlexTime is perfect for a large amount of updates, hooking up multiple computers to the network, or a maintenance check-up. The best feature of FlexTime is that you do not have to use all of the time at once, so you have time in the bank when emergencies arise.

Hour by Hour

Our expert technicians are on standby to be there when you need them. If you only need them for an hour, we can do that! We can have the next technician at your business in as little as twenty minutes to take care of the smaller jobs you may have.

Monthly Monitoring

Peak I.T. offers a low-cost monthly monitoring package to each of its customers. This package can be applied to every computer in your business to receive 1st and 2nd level fixes and remote monitoring. We'll make sure your back-ups are being made every night, let you know when they do not, and even let you know when it is time to replace aging hardware.

On-Site Survey

Outsourcing your network and I.T. services means we don't just provide support for your computers, we provide you with support. You have our team behind you to reduce the risk of downtime and loss of data by monitoring your network 24/7. When minutes are the difference between dollars, it's important always to have someone ready to back you up. At Peak I.T., we believe in our services and can prove the necessity of them with our FREE On-Site Survey.

We will have a technician visit your location to go over each point in your network. Our technicians are trained to find the weak spots in security and the potential failures of hardware to find problems before they can occur.

Peak I.T.

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Peak I.T. offers a wide range of technology, network, and information backup services, including FileMax Data Back-Up Systems, network maintenance and installation packages, hardware monitoring, and more.

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