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Do I unplug the router or not?

On May 25, the FBI issued a public service announcement for everyone to unplug their home or office router. You may be thinking, “My internet seems just fine. Everything is running up to speed.” Do you really need to be concerned with resetting your router?

Tips for Successful Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is the means of keeping the server updated and operating to ensure that the organization’s computer network is working properly.

Why You Need to Backup Your Data

There are various reasons for having backups. In basements, a backup can save your valuables, but with data, a backup can save your business.

Introducing the all new Peak I.T. website – Press Release

Peak I.T., the Valley's leader in information technology and network system services, has launched its new and improved website.

Peak I.T.

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Peak I.T. offers a wide range of technology, network, and information backup services, including FileMax Data Back-Up Systems, network maintenance and installation packages, hardware monitoring, and more.

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