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Introducing the all new Peak I.T. website – Press Release

For Immediate Release

Peak I.T., the Valley's leader in information technology and network system services, has launched its new and improved website. The new website offers a unique experience to users looking for immediate information and help with their computers, networks, and other business systems. Peak I.T. is a subsidiary of Valley Office Solutions, which offers a line of document and data protection, in addition to a line of copiers, scanners, printers, and other office solutions.

The new website matches the companies mission to provide its customers with solutions in leading technologies. Peak I.T. will separate from the Valley Office Solutions website and will go live (date). It located at

"We are excited to unveil Peak I.T.'s new website," says Steve Blakeman, President and founder of Valley Office Solutions. "The new website will achieve many of this year's marketing objectives, including providing our customers with top-notch support when they need it. Our technicians are always available, and now our website will help our customers get them to their site faster."

About Peak I.T.

Peak I.T. creates, secures, optimizes, and manages hardware and network systems. Our top priority is keeping you and your data safe from the top four most detrimental threats: hardware malfunction, natural disasters, human error, and malicious intent.

The company’s I.T. division, in particular, has experienced steady upward growth—again, due to its leading edge solutions and customized client care. In 2015, the I.T. division was rebranded to Peak I.T. to communicate how its suite of services can help lift companies to new heights of success. Peak I.T.’s team provides sales, design, managed services and break-and-fix repair for any networking or I.T. need that an organization could possibly require.

About Valley Office Solutions

Founded in 1983, Valley Office Solutions has made a sincere commitment to provide the most innovative products in the industry, coupled with a level of personalized service that is rare in today’s fast-paced business world.

Founders Steve and Kathy Blakeman have stayed true to this promise during the past 30-plus years. Today, the company is still family operated, with Bryan Blakeman representing the second generation of Valley Office Solutions' leadership. Bryan and a team of top professionals and specialists in their respective fields are proud to offer an outstanding selection of hardware, software, scanning, document and data management solutions.

Peak I.T.

A Division of Valley Office Solutions

Peak I.T. offers a wide range of technology, network, and information backup services, including FileMax Data Back-Up Systems, network maintenance and installation packages, hardware monitoring, and more.

Peak I.T.

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