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Why You Need to Backup Your Data

Data is the most important aspect of your computer. Your operating system can be reinstalled and so can your applications, but it 's hard or impossible to recreate your original data.

There are all kinds of “backups” that help get you out of frustrating situations. Do you have a backup generator on your sump pump? That backup power will save you from wading water and cleaning a mess out of your basement. Same with the spare tire in your trunk. Along with the jack, you can switch out your tire and be on your way before a tow truck is dispatched.

There are various reasons for having backups. In basements, a backup can save your valuables, but with data, a backup can save your business. Data is everything to your computer. You can reinstall an operating system and so can your applications, but it may be difficult or impossible to recreate your original data. That said, let’s think about the reasons why a business needs a proper data backup solution.

People are not perfect.

We make mistakes, and sometimes, we can make them quite often. How many times have you opened an email without realizing the email contained a virus. There go your files. There’s no reason to fear if you save daily incremental backups of your systems. You can simply restore to a previous file saved before the virus happened. Or you can find a file by looking in your backup to a time before the file was accidentally deleted. It’s effortless to protect your data from these types of situations, and you can feel confident that you are ready for any big crashes that may come your way.

Computers crash.

How many years of data do you think you can store on your computer? Oh my, how many years is required to have? The reality is, no matter how great your computer is, one day it will wear out, or the hard drive will crash. That’s just the nature of any hardware. Your friendly computer repair shop might be able to retrieve the data or some of the data, but maybe they can't. Are you willing to take that gamble?


The Internet is full of threats to the security of your data. Viruses and Trojans don’t just steal your data; they erase the data. There’s also the threat of ransomware. This is where a hacker puts a virus on your computer that encrypts your data. You then have to pay hundreds of dollars to have a local computer repair shop undo the data encryption. If you have a backup of your data, this is less of a problem. You or the repair shop can just wipe your hard drive and restore your latest backup.

Effective record keeping.

For tax reasons or various regulations, most businesses are required to keep financial and possibly correspondence records for any length of time. Maybe you need to look at a client's data from a few years ago. Can the information be found on your current computer or maybe the last computer you had? It’s easy to assume that your computers have you covered just because they’ve got your last few years’ worth of information on them. Having one copy is usually a mistake. Ensuring that you’ve got a backup of critical client information can save you if something goes wrong locally. The IRS and regulatory commissions don’t care that you had a data disaster. All it means to them is that you’re not compliant and the fines can add up.

It doesn’t matter if the data is lost due to a mechanical failure, a natural disaster or criminal malice, your data is gone. Remember, the data doesn’t need to be lost. You can back it up.

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