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Innovative Cloud Architecture

Leverage the power of the pure cloud.

Unique Business Cloud Architectures

Peak I.T. empowers global business success with a Full Spectrum Communications Solution that tailors to fit your unique goals. With options ranging from pure to on-premises cloud, rest assured that we deliver the advanced features, cost savings, and reliable solutions your business needs in order to thrive in today's fast-paced marketplace. This innovative architecture delivers the benefits of both PBX and cloud-based solutions by combining the best of both worlds. Our award-winning, patented cloud architecture guarantees 99.999% up-time reliability. If your business employs exceptional Internet service, Our system allows you to leverage the power of the pure cloud.

Cloud Base Features

  • Pure cloud architecture--no on-site hardware required!
  • Peerless call quality, communications flexibility, and end-to-end system support
  • Intuitive management controls
  • Multi-location flexibility
  • Runs on our private, proprietary network backbone for ultra-reliable and secure communications
  • Compatible with powerful add-ons including our SD-WAN, 4G LTE Failover, and contact center solutions
  • Complete suite of communications features
  • Simplified and streamlined billing

Cloud Plus Features

  • Unified voice, conference, video, chat, mobile, fax, presence management, and more in one, easy-to-use platform
  • Voice traffic optimization and SD-WAN controls for unrivaled call quality and adaptation to network changes
  • Built-in Quality of Service (QoS), edge traffic shaping, and disaster recovery
  • End-to-end customization options with our integration platform, StarPaaS™

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Communications Business Solutions

Advanced Call Center

Elevate customer experience with advanced call routing, management, and reporting.

Unique Cloud Architectures

Unify communications with the platform that aligns best with your specific needs.

Video Conferencing

Minimize travel expenses while you communicate face-to-face.

Disaster Recovery

Maintain communications in the direst situations like power, telephone, or Internet outages.


Enhance your fax capabilities, with or without a traditional fax machine.

Instant Messaging

Multitask and stay productive without picking up your phone.

Voice Optimized SD-WAN Family

Keep your business connected with unrivaled connectivity.

Mobile Work Phone App

Empower your remote workforce with tools that keep them in constant contact.

Communications Enablement Platform

Connect, customize, and unify your communications with turnkey and customized integrations to major platforms like Salesforce.

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Unique Business Cloud Architectures

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